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Why can't I have sex?

Treatment Plans

Unlike other sexual function disorders, Vaginismus is one of the many sexual function conditions in women that is highly treatable and can be successfully resolved with proper treatment. A treatment program is usually designed by a certified therapist based upon the problems and needs of a woman. The common methods of treatment included in the program are the following:  

  • Psychotherapy – Since 90% of Vaginismus is due to different psychological issues, psychotherapy helps women understand their condition. This method lets them express their fears, emotions, and relationship issues with their partners. Psychotherapy is considered the most important part of the program as it helps both the therapist and client fully understand the most probable cause of the problem.
  • Relaxation Techniques – These are methods composed of different relaxation exercises that will help the woman feel calm and relax. The aim of these methods is to allow her let go of emotions that may prevent her from having successful intercourse with her partner.
  • Sexual Anatomy – This method of the treatment program allows women to understand their feminine sexual anatomy better. The therapist explains how the different areas of the vaginal and pelvic floor muscles may cause pain and penile penetration difficulties. The method also involves thorough explanations on how these parts of women may undergo involuntary tightening.
  • Insertion and Penetration Exercises – The therapist teaches different techniques that will help relax the pelvic floor muscles. These techniques help women have full control over their sexual anatomy, thereby preventing involuntary tightness and allowing pain-free insertion and full penetration. Vaginal dilators are also use to desensitize the pelvic floor muscles. These reduce the reflexes that may trigger the muscles to tighten and cause painful sensations.
  • Readiness Exercises for Couples – To successfully resolve Vaginismus, the couple need to work together. These exercises are composed of different exercises and techniques that were designed for couples in order to relieve the involuntary tightening of the pelvic floor muscles and have pain-free penetration during intercourse. The sex therapist also helps built intimacy, trust, and cooperation between partners.  

Compassionate Heart, Listening Ear


Dr Martha Lee

Photo by Marcus Mok with Makeup by Sally Lim

Dr. Martha Lee uses counseling and coaching methods to treat vaginismus. She conducts sessions wherein clients can express their primary concerns regarding sex and ask sexual questions openly. Her years of experience in professional communications allow her clients to have trust on her. She is compassionate, understanding, and honest when it comes to listening and giving her clients solution-focused responses. Her counseling and coaching treatment methods include the following:

Vaginismus Exercises that teach woman to understand her body well
Vaginismus Relaxation techniques and exercises
Vaginismus Sexual education
Vaginismus Sexual counseling

For women to be fully successful in their quest to overcome vaginismus, Dr. Martha Lee strongly believes that their partners should also be part of the treatment program. She is always willing to create different approaches depending on the needs of every couple in order to help them resolve their problems.