Sex without Pain


Why can't I have sex?


Dr. Martha Lee, founder of Eros Coaching, is a well-trained Clinical Sexologist who understands Vaginismus well. Over the last year, she has helped a lot of couples resolve their unconsummated marriage. Here are some of the testimonials of Dr. Lee’s satisfied clients:

TestimonialWith her help, I became a real woman… she changed our lives… she strengthen my relationship with my husband.Testimonial

- Melissa*, a married woman who used to experience pain every time she and her husband would try to have sex, was very happy and satisfied after having two counseling sessions with Dr. Martha Lee. Full testimonial here.

TestimonialWhen I first met Martha, I knew she would be someone I could talk to openly without having to censor myself or worry about being judged. She herself is a woman who can speak to people on many different levels, as I’ve observed, while always remaining true to who she is. She is open and candid, funny and smart, sensitive and compassionate. All these things made me comfortable in approaching her in the first place.Testimonial

– Cindy*, who found confidence and trust after meeting Dr. Lee. According to her, she was able to overcome her fear of having sex with her partner after attending Dr. Lee’s sessions at Eros Coaching. Full testimonial here.

TestimonialThrough out the first session, she try her best to understand my problems and my worries, then encourage me make me feel that there is a hope that I can overcome this problem, as long as I follow her instruction, doing kegel exercises with the understanding how to make myself relax, slowly then I should be able to overcome it.Testimonial

- Anonymous Lady

An article about Dr. Lee successfully treating Melissa* and Cindy* can be found here.

Workshop participants

TestimonialI went to the workshop with no expectations and came out feeling my amazing experience and new-found love of my vulva would not have been the same. The interactive and supportive environment of the workshop ensured everyone benefited. I urge hesitant would-be participants to go for this workshop!Testimonial

– Annoymous Lady

TestimonialIt was empowering. At the same time, it was done in a supportive environment.Testimonial

- Anonymous Lady

TestimonialI like the ambience of the workshop. It is very relaxing. Martha is very willing and open to sharing during the session.Testimonial

- Anonymous Lady

More testimonials of the work of Dr. Martha Lee can be found here. 


* Names changed with permission